5 Business Ideas to Run from Home

I touched on the importance of choosing a business based on your skills, talents, work experience, personality, hobbies and passions, and not to forget, a work/family balancstart my own businesse that you can live with. Read how to develop a new business idea.

A wide range of home-based job opportunities are just a mouse click away; available for the millions of office cube workers who dream of beating the odds, and actually earning a living from home and taking control over their lives. Here are five ideas that will hopefully take you closer to realizing your dream of running a home business.

Sell Products Online, Resell or Create Your Own
You can create a website, or open a shop on eBay or Etsy, and either resell items you’ve bought from others, or if you’re crafty, make things at home and sell them online. All you need to do is register your business name, get a Paypal account to accept payments from customers, and market your content to searchers and on social media. You’ll be saving lots of the overhead expenses of having a brick-and-mortar store. You can sell knitting, photography, pottery, jewelry and all sorts of crafts, gifts, decorative items, cloths, baked goods… If any of these projects interests you, you can turn them into a real business.

Start a Service-Based Business
Creating and selling your own products can be a bit too demanding, particularly at the beginning. If you know something inside and out, or have a skill that others can benefit from, you can sell it. Depending on your background, training, skills and experience you can provide an endless array of services.

Offer your expertise in content creation, design, PR and branding, open a digital marketing company; – anything that you love, know, and want to share. It’s a great way to start a business, with a minimum overhead, and if you want to expand your bandwidth and service offerings you can build your own network of freelancers and independent contractors as needed.

Consulting, Teaching, and Coaching Services
These services are on the roll. The global spend on education technology and e-learning is now over $13 billion. More and more people are turning to web based learning for education and training, and with the advances in new web application tools like video blogs or podcasts, this, originally person-to-person activity, can now be done from the comfort of your home.  You can sell courses, personal consultations and ebooks on topics you know and have experience in, teach yoga, baking, be a nutritional consultant or a life couch. Make instructional packages and videos that your clients can download from your website, or schedule real-time lessons and discussions on Skype and Google Hangouts.

Become a Virtual Assistant
Virtual assistants, or VAs, cover all sorts of duties, – customer service, copywriting, internet research, data entry, consulting via email, transcripts typing, web maintenance, social media marketing, and so on. You can build your own virtual assistant business, or you can work from home for a big company, small business, or solo entrepreneur who will make you available to other employees and clients. The potentials are huge, considering it’s a $130 billion industry annually.

Web Design, Development, and Other IT Services
If you’re technically proficient or have a good eye for design, these computer-related business ideas may be just what you need. Programmers, systems engineers, security and networking experts, web designers and developers, repair and upgrade specialists, are always in high demand. And the hourly rates for these jobs are among the best in freelancing. You can work from home as a subcontractor for a bigger or smaller company, be their consultant or VA, build a portfolio of smaller projects, then maybe create your own website to present your work and bring in a steady stream of customers.

No business idea is better than the one that matches your interests, passions, knowledge and skills. Pair the perfect idea with your resources, and you’ll have a business designed for success.

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