Why ‘I am in Business’?

People always ask me why I created ‘I am in business’.  Over the last decade, I met people from all walks of life who wanted to start their own business.  Believe or not, the questions were all the same.  One client, even told me that she wanted to open a business and went online to do research, called the government and searched everywhere for answers.  At the end, she was so frustrated that she gave up.  Truth be told, that’s not a reason NOT to start a business.  But it got me thinking that there were people out there who needed some guidance.

The word ‘startup’ became a word recently and these days it refers to new tech companies with million dollar budgets and a big business feel.  Unfortunately much of the information out there is all geared to this audience.  What about regular people who want to open a flower shop; a freelance makeup artist; a catering company or even a hair salon?  These people want to enjoy all the freedom that being an entrepreneur has to offer.  Don’t get me wrong entrepreneurship isn’t always easy, it comes with its own share of pain but when you get it right it can be a great thing.

Many people suggest that you need certain personality traits to be a successful entrepreneur.  Do I believe that? Not really-with good reason (Over the years I have met people from all walks of life.  I love to look at entrepreneurship at its simplest form, stripping away all the complexities, fancy titles and layers.  Have you ever seen a market in India or China?  The purest form of entrepreneurship.  Most of the time, the products are all the same.  But what makes you buy from one vendor and not the other.  Look at what each vendor does to stand out.  There is a need to succeed for these vendors to feed their families.  It’s a beautiful thing.  It’s cliché to say that necessity is the mother of invention but it’s true.

In the end, I created ‘I am in Business’ as a response to all the QUESTIONS.  I wanted to create a framework for people to work through to set up each stage of their business.  I truly believe that ‘I AM’ are the two most powerful words in the universe.FB_IMG_1459816189752

Good luck on your journey.

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