Why’s a Good Company Name So Important for Success? Plus 3 Tools to Brainstorm One.

Naming your business is one of the first base decisions, a foundation element of the structure of your business. If you do it wrong, the whole building is not stable.

How is the Name of Your Business so Important for its Success?

Well, it affects how people perceive you, your brand, marketing on and offline. The right name can help you send the desired message, create a unique identity, and boost the chances of success for your business.

When deciding your company name, choose something creative, unique, catchy, and easy to remember; or go for something descriptive that explains what your business does. Both work well, but you need to consider the message and values you want your name to reflect. And make sure it doesn’t mean something else in a different language, as it may ruin your chances if one day you decide to expand overseas. Now you’re may be small, but who knows where your business will be in just a few years.

Think about your target customers as well. What do they want; not what you want. What name would best suit the interests of the people you want for your business? Choose something short or words that sound familiar.

You want your business name to also be web-friendly. You want to use your business name as your domain name as well, since it’s much easier this way for your customers to remember and find you in search engines’ results. Check if it’s free before you register your business. Don’t forget to try separating the words, or register a .ca or .net domain if .com is taken.

You can hire a professional marketer to discuss the potential of the name ideas you have, or ask them to send you their suggestions.

Make sure to also research the list of names you think are suitable for your new business, as you don’t want to overburden your budget with trademark infringement issues.

3 Web Tools and Techniques to Brainstorm Great Business Names

It’s best to first stashutterstock_107378192rt brainstorming your own name ideas. Check a thesaurus for synonyms and related words, look up online glossaries, dictionaries, the professional jargon and slang, search Google and images, or even popular songs for sticky words that you can use as a name for your business.

Next, you can use business and domain name generators to get some fresh ideas, and at the same time, make sure the name you want is actually available.

  • NameThingy – The tool generates all sorts of names, – domain names, stage names, names for blogs, babies, bands, and more. You can select the type of the first and second word (description, thing, verb, tech), the maximum length, update speed of the name feed, or even put your own custom word as a starting point. Click on the name to see if the domain is available.
  • NameMesh – The startup company name generator matches your 2 to 3 keywords to a database of over 6 million words, to find the perfect domain name. You can search using synonyms, suffixes, prefixes, short url, new gtlds. The tool also provides domain and social availability check.
  • Domainr – This is a very creative web tool for discovering all sorts of new and interesting domain names. Enter your queries to search for possible available domains in the entire global namespace. Whois data is also included in the search results. Some of their favorite domains: outof.me, justdelete.me, and parall.ax.

Hope this helps you brainstorm some great ideas for your company and domain name. Take the needed time, and come up with something that your business deserves.

Maybe we’ve missed a tool you’ve used to come up with your business name… Share it in the comments. Let us know what you chose.

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